Into Dust and FireInto Dust and Fire
Five Young Americans Who Went First to Fight the Nazi Army

The untold story of five young American friends who left the shade of their ivory towers at Harvard and Dartmouth to take on Rommel’s panzers under the blazing sun of North Africa…

In the spring of 1941, with Europe consumed by war and occupation, Britain stood alone against the Nazi menace. The United States remained wary of joining an increasingly costly and destructive conflict. But for five extraordinary young Americans, the global threat of fascism was too great to ignore. |  read more

“A multifaceted, moving story of five American Ivy League students who committed themselves to fight alongside the British in the spring of 1941.” —Kirkus Reviews

Rachel S. Cox writes regularly for World War II magazine and the Washington Post. Her articles have appeared in CQ Researcher, AARP Bulletin, Landscape Architecture, and other national magazines. She was formerly an editor of Preservation magazine, and as a writer/editor at Time-Life Books, she wrote for the Fighting Jets and Civil War series. | read more
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